Customer Service Suite turns Magento into a powerful tool to improve your telephone and mail-order sales. Our module adds powerful new functionality to Magento so that allows your customer service agents to:

  • Take orders more quickly
  • Increase the average order value
  • Improve the level of service you offer to customers
  • Track which agents take orders
  • Quickly find product information, including descriptions and images


  • Product preview whilst taking an order
  • Up-sells/Cross-sells help you suggest other products based upon existing website rules/data
  • Allows orders to be 'parked', and retrieved at a later date
  • Logs which agent placed the order
  • Admin panel orders now show inside Google Analytics to give a complete picture of sales
  • Offer bespoke pricing to customers


Getting support

  • The documentation here should be sufficient to install and configure Customer Service Suite.
  • If you face issues, please raise a support ticket via our portal.