GDPR Compliance Manager enhances Magento 2 with functionality that makes your GDPR compliance easier to attain. Our module adds a comprehensive set of functions that allow you to manage your GDPR responsibilities:

  • For your customers, it allows them to see a summary of the data you hold about them (Subject Access Requests)
  • For your customers, it also allows them to delete or anonymise the data you hold about them
  • Provides an SLA-based approach to dealing with Subject Access Requests and Deletion Requests, with proactive alerting regarding SLA breach
  • Provides you with a dashboard to easily check the overall status of your GDPR request handling.


  • Handle Subject Access Requests
  • Handle Deletion Requests
  • Create a workflow that defines what other information outside of Magento you must obtain to satisfy the requests
  • Compliance Dashboard
  • Configurable SLAs
  • Email alert notifications for SLA breach/near-breach


Getting support

  • The documentation here should be sufficient to install and configure GDPR Compliance Manager.
  • If you face issues, please raise a support ticket via our portal.