Google Event Tracking is a Magento 2 module that enables merchants to quickly understand the influence that their site's front-end user interface has on sales and site usage. You can attach 'events' to buttons, banners, and any piece of user interface so when a customer interacts with it, this unique tags the interaction within Google Analytics. You can send a logged-in customer's group or segment to Google Analytics to understand how different types of customer use your site. 

In short, Google Event Tracking provides merchants with data driven approach to understanding site usage which will allow more insightful decisions to be made about site optimisation.


  • Track any click interactions throughout your front-end website

  • Rule-based setup that can target specific URLs or entire page types (e.g. product pages, category pages, checkout, etc)

  • Track customer behaviour per Magento customer group - and also customer segments for Enterprise Edition users

  • Set up different tracking for each website in your Magento instance



Getting support

  • The documentation here should be sufficient to install and configure Google Event Tracking.

  • If you face issues, please raise a support ticket via our portal.