Below are list of advanced configurations which you will find under Mastercard Payment Gateway Service Module.

Logging Verbosity

This module logs data into var/logs/mastercard.log - this switch control how much data is being logged,

Select any One option from below:

Errors Only - this is default option, which only logs when an error happens.

Everything - Logs everything related to error when it occurs (Like: API Response/status, errors, warning, etc).

Errors and Warning Only - Logs only errors and warnings when error occured.

Disabled - by selecting this, nothing will be logged when error will occured.

Gateway Order ID Prefix

Default Option: Blank

In case one Merchant ID is used by multiple installation, then this field can be used to add a prefix to order id-s so that they will not conflict in the gateway.

Custom Webhook Endpoint

Default Option: Blank

This field is mostly only used by development or with some complex web server rules, where the URL is not automatically detected correctly.

It is suggested to keep these fields with assigned default value. If required, then do required configuration changes based on your need but first consult with Technical team / Mastercard Payment Gateway Module support for these. 

This page relates to version 1.0.0