Once you have Mastercard Payment Gateway Service module installed you can configure module from admin panel.

Find the relevant Configure button under your Module Manager:


Firstly, it’s important to configure your Merchant credentials in TEST mode and make sure that everything works.

Note: that if merchant credentials are not configured correctly, you can not enable any of the modules payment methods.

If the credentials are incorrect for any reason, there will be a warning displayed on the top of the configuration page.

The General Settings view:

Live ModeYes/No. Toggles between Test and Live mode. Both modes have their own set of credential fields which you need to fill separately. It gives you the ability to switch between modes without re-entering your credentials every time.
API EndpointThe API endpoint should be selected based on your account region.
Send Line ItemsYes/No. This setting allows you to choose if you want shopping cart data to be sent to MasterCard, this includes product information, grand total, etc.
Test Merchant ID / Merchant IDYour merchant ID.
Test API Password / API PasswordYour merchant API password.
Test Webhook Secret / Webhook SecretIf webhook support is enabled, then enter your webhook secret here.


This page relates to version 1.0.0