Two options are available:

  • Yes – Payment Option shown
  • No – Payment Option not shown

Payment Action

Two payment actions are available:

  • Authorise and Capture (1-stage processing), which settles funds as soon as possible.
  • Authorise Only (2-stage processing), where authorisation is obtained during the checkout process, but funds are not deducted until the order status is set by merchant to Invoice.


The title of the payment option shown to the cardholder during the checkout process, for example credit or debit card.

API Username

Your Merchant ID.  

API Password

Please see here.

End Point

The region that most transactions will originate from. Four options are available:

  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • North America
  • Other
Custom End Point URLThis option is available when the 'End Point' option is set to 'Other' and allows the module to be used with other gateways. Your Account Manager will tell you if this is needed or not.

WebHook Secret

WebHook URL

In most cases, the Webhook URL field should be left blank.

If the merchant wishes to set up a different listener, the URL should be entered in the WebHook URL text box.

Test Mode

Two options are available:

  • Yes to submit transactions using test credentials, prefixing TEST in front of the API Username. For more information, please see Testing.
  • No to submit transactions using PRODUCTION credentials.
Debug Mode

Two options are available:

  • Yes, which enables additional output in the Magento extension for payment processes

  • No, which disables additional output

New Order Status

The status of any new order processed within the Magento Platform. Changing this field will not affect how the transaction is processed by the gateway. Two options are available:

  1. Processing
  2. Suspected Fraud

Accepted Currency

The store’s base currency.

Payment Applicable From

Allows the merchant to select from which countries to process payments (separate to any blocking enabled via Merchant Manager). Two options are available:

  • All Allowed Countries
  • Specific Countries

Countries Payment Applicable From

If 'Payment Applicable From' is set to Specific Countries, the specified countries should be entered in this field.

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