Choose the Hosted Session model if you want control over the layout and styling of your payment page, while reducing PCI compliance costs. The Hosted Session JavaScript client library enables you to collect sensitive payment details from the payer in payment form fields, sourced from and controlled by Mastercard Payment Gateway. The gateway collects the payment details in a payment session and temporarily stores them for later use. You can then include a payment session in place of payment details in the transaction request to process a payment.

There are two different payment flow methods under Hosted session integration:

  1. Purchase (Pay)
    If Purchase has been selected for Payment Model, then transaction will be done automatically. After user has entered card detail and submit order, amount of total order will be deducted from user’s card and will be automatically transferred to merchant’s account. It may take some time for reflecting amount into merchant’s account, but the process will be automatic.
  2. Authorize & Capture
    If Authorize & Capture has been selected for Payment Model, then merchant will have to manually process transactions and accept payment amount. Manually process of capturing funds can be done via Prestashop Admin as well as Merchant’s Mastercard Payment Gateway account login.

Below is list of all configuration options you will see under Hosted Session payment method for Mastercard Payment Gateway service Module:



Two Options are available:

YES - to enable this payment method for Mastercard Payment Gateway Module
NO - to disable this payment method

TitleText mentioned here will be appear on front-end checkout page /  payment method section
Payment Model

Select any One option from below:

Purchase - Fund will be transferred to merchant account as soon as user’s entered card details has been successfully verified and order is placed.
Authorize & Capture - 2 stage process; where once order will place, it will only authorize user’s card details. Payment amount need to be captured manually by merchant.

3D Secure

Two Options are available:

YES - to add extra layer of security for completing order process. After user will enter card details, it will redirect to user's bank payment gateway for verification.
NO - After placing order and entered card details has been verified, the order will be placed. No extra layer of security will be there.

This page relates to version 1.0.0