To use WooCommerce MPGS for WordPress, you need to install both the Mastercard Payment Services module and the WooCommerce module. 

Steps to install WooCommerce for Wordpress:

  • Connect to Backoffice of your shop with the available admin credentials.
  • Go to Plugins > Add New on your WordPress site.
  • Enter WooCommerce in the Search Plugins bar. 

  • Click Install Now and Activate.

Steps to install Master Payment Gateway Services for Wordpress

Follow the below steps:

  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.
  • Go to the WooCommerce backend settings page.
  • Navigate to Payments tab, enable MPGS module and save changes then you are ready.

Configuring the Module

Once you have installed the MasterCard Payment Gateway Services module, you can then configure it.

Steps to configure the module

  1. Log into your WordPress Admin Panel. Then in the WordPress Admin Panel, select WooCommerce > Settings > Payments.
  2. Then for "MasterCard Payment Gateway Services" click on the "Manage" button
  3. It will open the configuration fields. Configure according to the requirement and click on the "Save Changes" button.
    1. Enable/Disable - Tick the checkbox to Enable it and display the Payment option in the frontend. Un-tick it to Disable it so it will not display in the frontend.
    2. Title - Insert the text which you want to display customer on the checkout page as "Payment Method Name". Example, "Credit Card / Debit Card".
    3. Description - Insert the Payment Method description text which you want to display customer on the checkout page under the Payment Method Name. Example, "Pay with your card via Mastercard".
    4. Gateway - The region that most transactions will originate from. Five options are available: Europe, Asia Pacific. North America, UAT and Custom URL.
    5. Custom Gateway Host - This option is available when the 'Gateway' option is set to 'Custom URL' and allows the module to be used with other gateways. Your Account Manager will tell you if this is needed or not.
    6. Transaction Mode - In "Purchase" mode, the customer is charged immediately. In Authorize mode, the transaction is only authorized, and the capturing of funds is a manual process that you have to do with the Woocommerce admin panel. The Manual capture process is explained in the next section.
    7. Payment Model - In "Hosted Checkout", customer will be redirected to the Mastercard for inserting the card details. In "Hosted Session", customer will need to insert the card details on the website only.
    8. Checkout Interaction - This option is available when the 'Payment Model' option is set to 'Hosted Checkout' and allows to choose redirection behavior to the Mastercard. Either in the "Lightbox" or "Redirect Payment Page".
    9. 3D-Secure - This option is available when the 'Payment Model' option is set to 'Hosted Session'. Tick the checkbox of "Use 3D-Secure" to Enable it. Be sure to Enable 3D-Secure in your Mastercard account. Un-tick it to Disable it.
    10. Saved Cards - This option is available when the 'Payment Model' option is set to 'Hosted Session'. Tick the checkbox of "Enable Payment via Saved Cards" to Enable it. If enabled, users will be able to pay with a saved card during checkout. Card details are saved on Mastercard servers, not on your store. Un-tick it to Disable it.
    11. Sandbox - Tick the checkbox of "Enable Sandbox Mode" to Enable it. If enabled, it places the payment gateway in sandbox mode using sandbox API keys (real payments will not be taken). Un-tick it to Disable it. If disabled, it will take the real payments.
    12. Merchant ID - Insert your account Merchant ID. Mastercard account: Settings > API Keys.
    13. Password - Insert your account Password. Mastercard account: Settings > API Keys.

Capture Payment Manually for Authorize Transaction Mode.

Steps to capture payment manually

  1. Edit the order in the admin. Path: Admin > WooCommerce > Orders > Edit Order
  2. On the right side of the order, you can open a dropdown menu and select “Capture Payment”. Just make sure it’s an authorized order (see Order Notes, right side of the order page), because the captured order won’t have this “capture” option.
  3. After selecting "Capture Payment" as option click on the "Update" button hence, it will capture the payment of this order.