Save My Cart is a Magento 2 module that helps your customers to complete their orders and reduces basket abandonment. Customers will automatically receive an email containing their cart contents when they enter the checkout. So if they decide not to continue with the checkout process for any reason, they have an email showing them what was in their order. The email contains a button that brings them back to your site, and rebuilds their cart automatically and places them back in the checkout, ready to complete their order.


  • Email content fully configurable

  • For guest checkout users, the email is sent as soon as they enter a valid email address in the first step of the checkout.

  • For logged-in customers, the email is sent as soon as they enter the checkout.
  • Gracefully handles situations where previously available products are no longer available.



Getting support

  • The documentation here should be sufficient to install and configure Save My Cart.

  • If you face issues, please raise a support ticket via our portal.




How to buy

You can find purchase information here: