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Select from one of the three options:

Credit or Debit Card

Card details will be captured and transmitted directly from the merchant’s environment. Also known as Direct or WS API integration.

Subject to PCI compliance. If you need full control over the transaction, wish to manage your own payment pages or collect payment details, you must use this model.

(minus) This option is no longer available.

Hosted Checkout

The Hosted Checkout model allows you to collect payment details from your payer through an interaction hosted and displayed by the MasterCard Payment Gateway.

Hosted Checkout is presented as a light-box in a modal dialog over the top of your existing merchant website.

Hosted SessionHosted Session is a PCI v3 compliant integration method that facilitates SAQ-A compliance, while allowing control over the payment page layout and style.

Configuration options can be viewed by expanding the menu associated with the integration method you wish to use.

Please ensure that the integration method you choose has been enabled for your merchant account before you enable it in Magento. Only one option should be enabled.


This page relates to version 103.2.4


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