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Creating DRs

A Deletion Request (DR) can be created in two ways:

  1. By a logged-in customer in the 'Privacy' page of their customer account. This process is documented here.
  2. By an admin user in the admin panel on behalf of a customer.

Creating them via the admin panel is necessary for several use cases:

  • An existing Magento customer contacts you and requests the deletion without doing that themselves in their customer account pages
  • A non-Magento customer contacts you to request their data is deleted

In the case where you need to create an SAR for a non-Magento customer, then you first do need to create a customer account for them. This is documented in the Magento User Guide.

To create a DR, go to Customers->All Customers...

Then from the Customers grid, search for the customer. Click the 'Edit' link to open their account page in the admin panel.

Now in the left column, click the 'GDPR' option...

Here you will see all existing SARs and DRs for the customer. Clicking the 'Create new DR' button will result in a new Deletion Request being created. The panel will update...

The 'View' link opens the specific DR. There will only ever be one DR listed per customer.

Processing DRs

These can be viewed in Customers->GDPR->Delete Requests...

A grid displays all the current DRs in the database, for example...

Each row in the grid shows you:

  • Customer name
  • The date and time that the DR was requested
  • Current status
    • Not started - means it is brand new SAR that has no data attached to it yet
    • In progress - means that some data is attached, but not all
    • Complete - means that all data is attached and all steps are marked are Completed
  • SLA
  • Edit link

Clicking 'Edit' will show you that individual DR...

This page gives you:

  • Customer's name, with a hyperlink to their account
  • The date and time that the DR was requested
  • Workflow data, for you to populate.

In order for an DR to be considered 'Complete', it must have:

  • All 'Completed' checkboxes must be ticked.

Please note, unlike for SARs, the contents of the 'Step Data' are not displayed to the customer in their Privacy page. However, you are not advised to include the actual customer data in the 'Step Data' fields. Instead, any customer data should be linked to at some other secure location.

Anonymised Data

It is important to note that if in Admin -> Store -> Configuration -> On Tap -> GDPR -> Compliance Type is set to "Anonymise data" Instead of personal data held in Magento about the customer will be randomized.

Below are some examples of how customer data is anonymised...


Below is an example of how the customer's order data is anonymised...



This page relates to version 1.1.0.


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