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The Hosted Checkout model allows you to collect payment details from your payer through an interaction hosted and displayed by the Mastercard Payment Gateway. With this model of integration, you never see or handle payment details directly because these are collected by the hosted payment interface and submitted directly from the payer's browser to the Mastercard Payment Gateway.

If Hosted Checkout is integrated and enabled for Mastercard Payment Gateway module, then once user will enter required card details on popup and click on submit order, then upon successfully authorization of entered card details, funds will be deducted from user’s account and will be automatically transferred to merchant/seller’s account. It may take some time to get funds credited but this process will be automatic.

Below are list of Hosted Checkout method configuration which you will find in admin:




Two Options are available:

YES - to enable this payment method for Mastercard Payment Gateway Module

NO - to disable this payment method
TitleText mentioned here will be appear on front-end checkout page /  payment method section.
ThemeEffect of entered theme name will apply on Mastercard Payment Gateway popup on which user will enter their card details.
Google Analytics Tracking IDIf Analytics tracking ID will be included, then all the order placed using MPGS payment option will be tracked and records will be updated under that Google Analytics account.
Order Summary display

Select any One option from below:

Hide - to not display any order and card details to user before submitting order
Show - to display order and entered card details to user before submitting order
Show (without payment details) - to display only order details to user before submitting order




This page relates to version 100. 1.0.0


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