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If Hosted Session has been integrated for Mastercard Payment Gateway Service module and Authorize & Capture payment method has been selected, then Funds need to be captured or refund manually.

To Capture Funds

Capture Payment is used for processing transaction and getting order funds into merchant’s account.

  • Under Order detail page, when clicking on “Capture Payment” button it will process transactions and amount of order will be transferred to merchant's account.
  • After clicking on “Capture Payment”, page will be load and you will get success message Also, Order status will be changed to “Payment Accept”.

Void Transaction

Void Transaction is used to cancel order if merchant finds any fraud/suspect in that order. By clicking on “Void Transaction” button, order will be cancelled automatically and amount of order will be credited to user’s card (if payment has been captured).

Refund Payment

Once Payment has been captured by merchant using Capture Payment option, then for that Order, merchant will find option to refund payment.

  • Select Order for which payment has been captured and now amount needs to be refunded to user. 

  • Goto that order detail page. 

  • Check Mastercard Payment Action (Online) tab. 

  • Here, Full Refund button will be find from where merchant can refund full amount captured for that order.


    On clicking on Full Refund button, amount will be refunded to user. 

  • To Restock ordered product, you will need to do process of creating Prestashop Refund on top of Mastercard Payment Gateway module refund process




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